C.D.Y.C. STRATEGIC PLAN 2019 – 2022

Mission Statement

The Youth Council exists to encourage, facilitate and support youth ministry within the Church of Ireland Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

Vision Statement (What we are working towards)

Our vision is for God to be at the centre of our journey as we:

  • Enable young people to discern the movement of God in their lives and encourage them to attain their full potential through embracing the call of Christ
  • Facilitate the development of youth ministry through parishes, schools and diocesan events
  • Support youth leaders and clergy in their ministry with young people
  • Assist the Church to embrace the young people of the Diocese in its mission to all.
  • To facilitate training for our young leaders and youth leaders.

Goals (Specific, Significant, Achievable & Measurable Targets)

The Youth Council aims over the triennial period June 2019 to June 2022 to fulfill the following goals.

  • To create opportunities for young people to grow in the knowledge of God and to experience God.
  • To encourage the participation of young people in the development of youth centred worship services in the Dioceses.
  • To encourage young people to be involved in community participation in service opportunities within their local communities, nationally and internationally and in partnership with their parishes.
  • To encourage the development of parish-based youth ministry by working alongside clergy and youth workers.
  • To organise regular Diocesan Events.
  • To continue running a Young Leader & Youth Leader Training Programme, including the organisation of regular training events. With a QQI level 5 Qualification.
  • To enable young people to develop their leadership skills.
  • To advocate for young people and to encourage young people to advocate for themselves.