Student: We all thought it was a great day, throughly enjoyed by all!…On behalf of all the third year students, I would like to genuinely thank all the representatives from C.D.Y.C. that carried out the ‘God-Day’, for taking the time to come to our school and helping us to have the experience of this wonderful day…Niamh.

Teacher: The Religious Education Program in S.H.S.S. places significant emphasis on lithturgical experiences taking place each year including ‘Retreat’ days. Students for the past number of years have had experience of ‘God-Days’ with C.D.Y.C. Their material/resources are student and age appropriate using I.T. and personal presentations about their relationship with family, friends and God. Spirituality Days in S.H.S.S. are full of joy, reflection, fun and growth. The Principal, Deputy Principal, R.E. Dept. and students would like to express their gratitude to the C.D.Y.C. team for their energy, expertise and generosity of spirit….Betty Keohane (Head of R.E).

Student: From the ‘God-Day’ we learnt more about ourselves and our relationship with the Lord. We realised that God will always love and respect us even if we turn our back on him. He will never let go of our hand although we have let go of his many times. The workers at the God-Day used music and games to help us learn about the work of God.